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You are a Mind-based Spiritual Type!

Mind - The Path of Peace

Primary concern: Wisdom

Primary motivation: Perceiving with an enlightened worldview

Primary spiritual question: How can I help people learn and grow in truth and continue to do so myself?

Mind spiritual types are people who connect using their intellect and the verbal or written word. This type relies upon their passion for better worldview for their spiritual energy.


Mind spiritual types are often called into vocations that require reflection, innovative ideas and attention to details. Consequently, they can grow by looking at their complimentary spiritual type, Heart-based spirituality, to move from always being “in their head” and get their hands dirty a bit.


Mind-based Spiritual Practice

The M.I.N.D. Prayer: Imaginative Contemplation

The following The Way Spiritual Types Indicator lists several suggested spiritual practices for Mind-based spiritual types. One practice they can enjoy is called Imaginative Contemplation. It takes the written word, which Mind types appreciate, and asks them to bring their own thoughts, interpretations, and imaginings to it. Importantly for their growth, it does so in a way that allows them to be playful and creative in addition to thoughtful and analytical.


M    Meet

Read a story from scripture. It works best if it’s a story with characters, conflict and/or action and not a purely teaching passage. Many stories from the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) work well. Meet the people within the story as if you just walked into the scene yourself. 


I    Imagine

What are the details of the scene? Take notice of what is described in the Bible but go a step beyond that to imagine the kind of details that will truly bring this story to life for you. Who is present and what are they wearing? Is it a sunny day or cloudy? Are there others present who aren’t mentioned in the scripture verses? Paint a full picture with questions such as these. Do not get caught up in questions of historical accuracy. This isn’t research, it’s re-creation.


N    Notice

How are people responding to what is happening or being said? What is the mood in the room? What is your mood observing all of this? Go a step further than imagining details to really notice what verbal and non-verbal messages are being conveyed.


D    Describe

Maybe read the passage again. Then describe this story in your own words, as if you were a director who just imagined this as a scene in a movie and now you get to bring it to life. What is the core message coming through? Is there something in this that might actually be God speaking to and/or through you?


You can download the M.I.N.D. prayer practice here

Other suggested spiritual practices: 

  1. Pray the Daily Office: reflect daily on words from scripture 

  2. Lectio Divina: guided reflections with repetition 

  3. Classic Ignatian Contemplation: find yourself in the story 

  4. Read/Write a poem: the written word at its most evocative state

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