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You are a Soul-based Spiritual Type!

Soul - The Path of Participation

Primary concern: Connectedness

Primary motivation: Awareness of the divine indwelling

Primary spiritual question: How can I help foster relationships and the oneness of humanity and creation?


Soul spiritual types are people who value relationship, oneness, and mystical union.  This type relies upon their passion for better relationships for their spiritual energy.


Soul spiritual types are often called into vocations that care for others and seek to foster peace and wholeness among people. Consequently, they can grow by looking at their complimentary spiritual type, Strength-based spirituality, to practice more self-care and presence.


Soul-based Spiritual Practice

The S.O.U.L. Prayer: Centering Prayer



The following The Way Spiritual Types Indicator lists several suggested spiritual practices for Soul-based spiritual types. One more contemplative practice they can enjoy is called Centering Prayer. Lost from general practice for centuries, Centering Prayer was brought back into popular practice in the last few decades thanks in large part to the work of Father Thomas Keating. Centering Prayer helps us enter more fully into the present moment and God’s divine presence in this moment. Below is a version using the acronym S.O.U.L. This prayer can take as long as you need it to take but twenty minutes or more is often needed to feel its full effect.


S    Sacred Word

Choose a word or short phrase to use as a centering word you will repeat throughout this prayer time. Words such as Love, Jesus, Joy, Peace, Hope, Spirit, Abba, Union, Help, etc. work well.


O    Open

Open yourself to God’s presence. Get comfortable, take a deep breath, and settle into your space, God’s presence and your own.


U    Untangle 

Begin to repeat your sacred word over and over again as a way to come to the present moment. Your mind will undoubtedly wander to other thoughts, fears, bodily pain, anxieties, etc. When they do, acknowledge them (there is no need to chastise yourself, it is only natural) but then untangle from them by returning to repeating your sacred word.


L    Let Go

After repeating your sacred word for a longer time, often 20 minutes, you may find yourself in a place where the word is no longer necessary to keep your mind from wandering. You are able to rest in the silence. Let go at this point (or even if you don’t fully reach it) and enjoy the moment before closing your prayer time.

You can download the S.O.U.L. prayer practice here.

Other suggested spiritual practices: 

  1. Centering Prayer: seek a deeper spiritual connection in your prayer life 

  2. Stations of the Cross: Available at many Catholic or Episcopal churches, and online at 

  3. Using Prayer Beads: the repetition will ease you into awareness 

  4. Going for coffee/a walk with someone else: spending time talking about things that matter will feed you spiritually as you spend time in connection with others

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