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You are a Heart-based Spiritual Type!

Heart - The Center of Doing

Primary concern: Justice

Primary motivation: Making things how they should be

Primary spiritual question: How can I improve someone else’s life?


Heart spiritual types are people who are moved by action, making a difference, and justice concerns.  This type relies upon their passion for their spiritual energy.


Heart spiritual types are often called into vocations that advocate for justice, improve living conditions, or generally seek to improve the welfare of others. Consequently, they can grow by looking at their opposite quadrant, Mind, and finding ways to ground their action in adequate reflection and rooting of their actions.


Suggested spiritual practices: 

We each have these four basic areas of who we are:

  • our vocational life, what we do (Heart)

  • our relational life, how we love (Soul)

  • our intellectual life, what we think (Mind)

  • our incarnational life, how we are (Strength)

Ready to grow in each of these four areas of your life: Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength? Join following The Way: a guide for life's journey. You will receive ...

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