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You are a Heart-based Spiritual Type!

Heart - The Path of Purpose

Primary spiritual concern: Justice

Primary spiritual motivation: Making things how they should be

Primary spiritual question: How can I improve someone else’s life and make the world a better place?


Heart spiritual types are people who are moved by action, making a difference, and justice concerns. This type relies upon their passion for a better world for their spiritual energy.


Heart spiritual types are often called into vocations that advocate for justice, improve living conditions, or generally seek to improve the welfare of others. Consequently, they can grow by looking at their complimentary spiritual type, Mind-based spirituality, and finding ways to ground their action with adequate reflection and rooting of their actions more firmly in a well-developed set of values and beliefs.

Heart-based Spiritual Practice

The H.E.A.R.T. Prayer: Ignatian Examen

The following The Way Spiritual Types Indicator lists several suggested spiritual practices for Heart-based spiritual types. One more contemplative practice they can enjoy is called Ignatian Examen. The Examen is a very simple, very effective form of prayer. It was originally taught by St. Ignatius of Loyola over 400 years ago. It helps us to reflect on the events and emotions of our day, look for evidence of God’s presence and guidance, and prepare with hope for the day to come.  It is perhaps best to use this prayer at the end of the day or in the morning, reflecting on the previous day. It is suggested you allow at least 20 minutes, spending a few minutes on each step. The more time you put into expressing and listening, the more space you allow to get to the heart of the matter. There are several slightly different ways to pray the Examen, but they all have five basic steps. Below is a version using the acronym H.E.A.R.T.


H    Here

Take a moment to breathe, become aware of God’s presence and become present yourself. 


E    Express Gratitude 

Regardless of the unique circumstances of that particular day, give God thanks for the beautiful blessing that is life. 


A    Actions 

Think back on the events of the day. What happened? What emotions did you feel? Can you see where God was active, perhaps in a feeling, a conversation, a strange coincidence?


R    Responses

How did you respond to these events? Was it in a way that felt Christ-like? Or is there a way you hope you might respond differently next time?


T    Trust

What do you anticipate will happen tomorrow? What feelings does that bring up for you? Trust God to help guide and direct you, seeing life less as a lonely walk and more as a divine dance.


You can download the H.E.A.R.T. prayer practice here.

Other suggested spiritual practices: 

  1. Mission Trips: go on a journey to change lives,

  2. Classic Ignatian Examen: a daily reflection that looks back on the events of your day,  

  3. Volunteer: do something to help people in your local community, 

  4. Advocate: make your voice heard as you speak out in solidarity with others, 

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