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the journey

Have you ever had a feeling you were missing something


maybe even something 

really important

but you weren't quite sure

what it was?

Yeah. I have too.

Years ago, while I was preparing to become an Episcopal priest, I realized something was missing. I was learning how to be a priest but I still wasn't sure if I was becoming a faithful, authentic person. One day, as I prayed to God about this, I had a pretty powerful experience that concluded with an image. It was a circle with a cross inside. As I began to research this symbol, I found it appears across cultures, religions and eras. I came to call it

The Sacred Symbol.

It eventually led me to a story in Mark's gospel where a guy asked Jesus, "What's the most important thing to do to be a faithful person?" This was my question too. I came to realize that the answer Jesus gave him, now known as The Great Commandment, held within it the deeper answers I sought.

And eventually I found this same saying at the very heart of all the major world religions.

I call it "The Way."

At the heart of The Way lies the "Four Essential Truths" that our life finds its ultimate fulfillment in learning to love with all our Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength. These four things are so much more than just a nice list of words, but they are the key to unlocking a profound and deep relationship with God, others and self.

These WayPosts are my continuing reflections as I walk deeper into The Way of life built around these Four Essential Truths. It is my way of sharing this journey with you and offering you companionship for your journey as well.

following The Way, Rich​

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