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spiritual beings on a human journey


loving with all our


Are you interested in living a life of deeper faithfulness and authenticity? What if there was a global community of people committed to supporting one another on our journeys, together, across religions, cultures, races and nationalities? What if there was a common thread we could identify that would help us do this?

Years ago, through prayer, study and observing the major faith traditions, I caught onto a pattern that I didn't know existed. I came to realize that the foundational faith statements of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Taoism were common revelations of the same Four Essential Truths. If this was true, I thought, then God must have reached out to us with this same message in every time, place, and culture to reveal to us the meaning of life's journey. What I have found since that time has astounded me. Understanding and living into this four-fold pathway leads to a life of balance, integration, wholeness, holiness, and faithfulness. It doesn't fix all life's problems. But it does lead to a life of greater adventure and joy.

following The Way are my continuing reflections on living a life built around these Four Essential Truths and my way of offering you resources to do the same. I hope you will Join the Journey.

Christ's peace,


Rev. Rich Nelson

Creator, Guide and Fellow Pilgrim

Episcopal Priest

Spiritual Director

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About Rich

Rev. Rich Nelson is a pastor, writer, spiritual director and contemplative. An Episcopal priest, he has served in both Episcopal and Lutheran faith communities as a pastor for intentional faith development, as a college chaplain, and as a non-profit founder and president. Rich currently leads the online faith journey following The Way, which helps people center their lives around the Great Commandment to love God with all our Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength. He has also written curricula for The Work of the People, an initiative to film the wisdom of this generation's elders and spiritual mentors and make it available to people both inside and outside the Church. Learn more at www.revrichnelson.com

Rich named a 2019 "New Contemplative" by Spiritual Directors International

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